Access to the countryside

Lots of people complain about Swindon, but I think that there are plenty of things to be positive about in our town. Having been born and bred here I was quick to move away and see the ‘real world’ at 18, see how much greener the grass was on the other side. After living in various parts of the south west, including, Eastbourne, Brighton, East Grinsted and Bristol, I came to realise that my home town wasn’t all that bad after all. The main reason for this thought was that I really appreciate having good access to the countryside. I love walking, cycling and generally exploring nature. Swindon itself is surrounded by a wide range of stunning countryside which is so easily accessible by quiet roads and paths. This is unlike many other places I’ve lived, where busy roads or coastlines segregate access to the countryside.

Swindon benefits from the Marlborough Downs to the south, Cotswold Water Parks to the north and the Vale of the White Horse to the east.  I could go on, but there is so much to explore around our town. I know that I’m not the only one that feels this way and there are many other individuals and clubs who make use of this. See having access to the countryside is vital for our wellbeing and mental and physical health.

Day House Lane forms one of these key links to the countryside from the urban area of Swindon, passing Coate Water Park and providing a low trafficked route towards Liddington, Marlborough and further afield. Swindon Cycle Campaign were recently alerted about proposals to temporarily close this vital link in association with works to the M4 Junction 15. The importance of this route to walkers, cyclists,horse-riders and joggers cannot be understated. This is why we are now working with Highways England to try to find an alternative to the closure of this vital link. If you would like to find out more or get involved in helping to provide an alternative to the closure of this route please get in touch with our infrastructure volunteer:

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