Child Cycle Training in Swindon

Until we get a cycle network resembling some of northern European countries, our children need to learn how to keep safe whilst riding on our current roads and cycle paths. Cycling charity, Life Cycle UK works in partnership with Swindon Borough Council to deliver Bikeability (cycling proficiency) in Swindon’s schools. They now also offer fun and educational cycling holiday courses for children and young people.

Bikeability cycle training is split into levels 1, 3 and 3; with levels 1 and 2 typically being taught in Year 6. Level 1 Bikeability training is based in the playground, helping children develop the skills needed to safely control and maneuver their bike. Once they feel confident in the playground training then takes place on quiet roads in the local area in Level 2 of Bikeability.

Local Cycle Instructor, Fi tells us why Bikeability training is so important:

“Cycle training is more than just learning to ride on the road. The kids learn decision making skills, self-awareness and how to communicate effectively. They are able to practice looking after themselves and being responsible. It’s life skills and well as cycle skills!”

Swindon Mum, Kate said:

“My daughter got loads out of the last cycling course and it improved her confidence on the road massively. I can’t thank you enough for running these courses.”

For anyone who has missed out on training Life Cycle run all levels of Bikeability, including learn to ride and Bikeability levels 1-3 every school holiday except Christmas. Keep an eye on their website for the booking links at the start of each term leading up to the holiday period ahead. The training dates for the Easter holidays will be added to the Life Cycle website shortly. 

Bikeability courses have been so popular that Life Cycle now has a waiting list of eager schools and individuals. So as not to turn anyone away, Life Cycle UK is now hiring freelance Instructors.

If you are passionate about cycling, love working outdoors and want to pass-on skills, confidence and independence to local children then Life Cycle wants to hear from you! They offer full training then progression straight into work. As a former Bikeability instructor myself, I’d definitely encourage anyone interested to apply.

Training Coordinator Chrissie said:

“It’s a really rewarding job. If you prefer the great outdoors to working in an office, this job is perfect. It’s also great for people who like the flexibility of being freelance”.

To find out more and apply, visit Life Cycle’s website: or contact / 0117 353 4580.

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