About Us

Swindon Cycle Campaign works in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector organisations to contribute to the increase in numbers of people cycling in the Borough of Swindon.

Key objectives include: 

1.      Raising the profile of the importance of cycling for health and the environment.

2.      Campaigning for the improvement of existing routes and infrastructures and the provision of new routes and opportunities to develop cycling.

3.      Educating and informing Swindon residents about the benefits of cycling.

4.      Supporting existing cycling programmes to develop. 

We achieve our objectives by: ·         

  1. Providing a forum to represent and be a ‘voice’ for the views and concerns of all cyclists in the borough.·         
  2. Creating links and networks with other cycling groups and seek representation at a strategic level within the Swindon Borough Council         
  3. Having a social media presence offering cycling information relevant to the people of Swindon.         
  4. Working with Swindon Borough Council and all relevant local authorities to create cycle friendly pleasure route maps to allow cyclists an opportunity to see the Borough and its environment by cycle.        
  5. Applying for funds to create opportunities to develop our objectives.

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