Hayes Knoll Road – A Safer Route to Cricklade

If you’ve cycled out to Cricklade from Swindon recently you’ve probably noticed the concrete blocks across the junction at Hayes Knoll Road (near the Cricklade & Blunsdon Railway). Access is avaliable for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders and the changes have created a much safer and more attractive environment to enjoy. Drivers can still access the... Continue Reading →

Swindon’s LCWIP

Have you heard of a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, or LCWIP, for short? Probably not. It’s doesn’t sound very exciting however it is an important document which, in the very near future, will shape our streets. Across the UK councils are producing LCWIPs as a planning tool to help prioritise active travel in... Continue Reading →

Streets for our futures

The quiet streets of the pandemic gave us a glimpse of what living in a low-traffic neighbourhood could be like, and it saw a huge sore in the amount of people walking and cycling. I enjoyed being able to walk in the middle of a traffic-free street, rather than squeezed onto the usual narrow, cracked... Continue Reading →

Moredon Sports Hub

Something exciting is happening at the end of this year - Swindon will have a new cycling, football and wellbeing hub! Yet to be given its official name, the multisport and recreation hub has been years in the making, and work on its construction is now underway at the site in Moredon.  Swindon Borough Council... Continue Reading →

Missing Links

Lockdown has highlighted to all of us how much we value being able to go outside and explore – to get a breath of fresh air, listen to the birds and get some exercise. But sometimes, it can be hard to know where to cycle if a lack of safe routes are available. Cycling UK,... Continue Reading →

Cycling from 8 to 80, and Beyond

Would you be confident making a journey by bike with your 8-year-old child or your 80-year-old granny? Possibly not. However, all-new planning guidance could help change that. In July last year, following the 2020 lockdown ‘Cycle Boom’, the government released an important document which could really help us move towards the goal of becoming a... Continue Reading →

Lockdown in the Saddle

It feels wrong to admit it but in some ways I quite enjoy lockdown, notably the quieter roads and chance to slow down. Less traffic on my local streets also means that I feel more confident to make more journeys with my little boy on my bike. Despite being a fairly confident and regular bicycle... Continue Reading →

The challenges of new urban infrastructure

During lockdown the UK saw a renaissance in the popularity of cycling, largely as a result of less motor traffic on our streets. Following this, the government made funding pots avaliable for councils across the country to trial temporary road space re-allocation schemes, aimed at encouraging a continuation of ‘active travel’ (ie walking and cycling)... Continue Reading →

Reflections on lockdown

Well, who would have thought just a few months ago that this country would be in ‘lockdown’ because of a global pandemic? Whilst the reasons for the lockdown are undeniably terrible, some of the changes to our environment and lifestyles have arguably positive elements. The quieter roads have opened-up much more space for people to... Continue Reading →

Access to the countryside

Lots of people complain about Swindon, but I think that there are plenty of things to be positive about in our town. Having been born and bred here I was quick to move away and see the ‘real world’ at 18, see how much greener the grass was on the other side. After living in... Continue Reading →

Safe routes to school and work

I generally love my commute to work on my bike, it’s the perfect way for a gym-aphobe like me to get some exercise, avoid traffic and enjoy some (mostly) fresh air. I’m lucky that my route is predominately on quiet roads and shared paths, but there are some sections of busier roads which I just... Continue Reading →

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