Lockdown Cycle Boom

Have you been cycling more since lockdown? Well the country has seen a cycle boom thanks quieter roads, good weather, cycling as daily exercise and bike shops being listed as essential businesses.

Swindon’s cycle retailers have never been so busy, with Mitchell Cycles reporting queues of up to 1.5 hours as everyone dashes to get on two wheels. Recycles and Run & Repair and have been generously donating re-furbished bikes to key workers to help them keep moving. It’s been a joy to see so many families enjoying exploring the area by bike and even teenage girls too! With the reduced air and noise pollution and slower pace of life (for some of us) it’s given a chance to glimpse at what our town could be like with less dedication to the private vehicle. During the lockdown suddenly we were able to walk in the middle of wide, smooth streets rather than being squeezed onto narrow pavements dodging parked cars, bins and cracked paving. The challenge now is to maintain this active travel revolution.

To help encourage a ‘green transport revolution’ the government has announced a £250m emergency walking and cycling fund to help social distancing and encourage walking and cycling across England. Swindon Cycle Campaign has been gathering suggestions of schemes which could be put in place locally to encourage people to continue cycling safely. This is a good opportunity to test new cycle lanes and infrastructure on a temporary basis to see whether it could work in the long term. Currently the council are investigating the viability and support for several schemes including:

  • Cycleways on Station Road and Commercial Road
  • Closure to private vehicles at Rodbourne Road bridge
  • Pedestrianisation of Wood Street (with cycle access)

Do you have any suggestions of how to make it safer and more attractive to cycle in Swindon? Is there a busy road or dangerous junction that stops you from making a journey by bike. Please send any ideas to: dick.millard@btinternet.com You can also write to your local councillor to tell them what needs improving, here’s how to find your area representative: http://ww5.swindon.gov.uk/moderngov/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1

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