Learning to Ride a Bike, as an Adult

Swindon Cycle Campaign delivered two days of free ‘Family Learn to Ride’ and ‘Cycle Confidence’ events in early April, giving people of all ages a chance to get active on two (and even three) wheels.

Over 50 children and adults developed the confidence to cycle independently at the County Ground athletics track, with valuable support from qualified cycle trainers. Our volunteers were delighted to receive fantastic feedback and to see so many people develop cycle skills for life.

Pat Choi, one of the many adults to attend, learned to cycle for the first time. Pat had tried to learn in the past but, despite many attempts, she just couldn’t grasp the balance.

The athletics track is the perfect environment to learn to cycle. It’s traffic-free, flat and open. Having borrowed a bike at the event, it wasn’t too long until we were overjoyed to see that Pat was cycling by herself along the track.

“The one to one session was amazing!’ said Pat. “My coach, Ben, guided me step by step. He was so encouraging and so clear in explaining to me what to do. I was able to build up my confidence, and within an hour I was a ‘cyclist’ and could enjoy cycling like everyone else, without the fear of falling. It’s incredible! I am now planning to buy my own bike and develop my skills to cycle for leisure and eventually cycle to work. Thanks so much to Ben, Becky and the other volunteers at the event for helping me learn this amazing new skill!”

If you’re an adult, teenager or child who’d like to learn to cycle or develop your confidence in the saddle then do join us at one of the next free events on Sunday 28th May or Monday 14th August.

There are helmets and bikes of all shapes and sizes to borrow if you haven’t got your own. Our friendly and experienced trainers and volunteers will support you all the way.

If you can’t make the upcoming sessions, we also have funding for some free 1:1 or private group cycle training at a time and place that suits you.

Whether you’d like to learn to ride a bike, or develop confidence making a journey on the road, we can help.

For more information about the events and cycle training please get in touch at: SwindonCycleCampaign@outlook.com

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