Going Car-Free

With the cost-of-living crisis we are all being forced to look more closely at our finances. We decided to go car-free around 4 years ago, after finally admitting to ourselves that the costs of repairs, insurance and services just weren’t worth it. It has saved us hundreds, if not thousands, each year since. We’d gone... Continue Reading →

Christmas Children’s Bike Appeal

Have you got any children’s bikes sat in the garage or not being used? Children grow out of bikes so quickly and a once dearly loved bike can easily be forgotten about. That pre-loved bike could make a local child’s Christmas this year. Matt Jones, who runs local bike repair business ‘Run & Repair’, is... Continue Reading →

Streets for our futures

The quiet streets of the pandemic gave us a glimpse of what living in a low-traffic neighbourhood could be like, and it saw a huge sore in the amount of people walking and cycling. I enjoyed being able to walk in the middle of a traffic-free street, rather than squeezed onto the usual narrow, cracked... Continue Reading →

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