Free learn to ride and cycle confidence events

Do you know someone who would like to learn to cycle or improve their confidence on two (or more) wheels? Thanks to grant funding from Sustrans and Sport England, Swindon Cycle Campaign has organised free events to help everyone get cycling – from toddlers to teens to OAPs. We've already held three events on 2nd and 3rd April, and... Continue Reading →

Learning to Ride a Bike!

Recently our little person passed a huge milestone and learnt how to ride a bike of his own! Unlike my generation, who mostly learnt to cycle using stabilisers, many children nowadays have what’s known as a balance bike. You can either buy a specific balance bike or just take the pedals (and stabilisers!) off an... Continue Reading →

Highway Code changes – Consultation

Would you like it if drivers gave you a bit more wiggle room when you’re cycling? Or maybe if passing a row of parked vehicles wasn’t like playing a game of Russian roulette with car doors? Well back in July the government launched a long overdue consultation on proposed Highway Code changes, to update it... Continue Reading →

The E-Bike Revolution

Have you tried an electric bike yet? E-bikes are fast becoming a more common sight on our streets, opening up cycling to a whole new group of people. In the UK we’re only just catching onto the e-bike revolution, whereas approximately a third of bike sales in countries such as Germany and Holland are now... Continue Reading →

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